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Having Fun and earn Money as Performer! SkeepingWiki is the guide for all questions to the use of the Sexy VideoChat on the Official website Learn about how to use Skeeping.

Benvenuti sulla pagina Guida di Skeeping

How much I earn
How it works for Models
How it works for user/member
Show Types and Modus
Booking service for Models
Connect Online and make more $
Work with Messaging
Followers & Friends
Earn extra money 
Photo and video presentation
Followers & Friends

Payment every two weeks

Fast guide
What is Skeeping

Are you a Model?


Become your own boss and work whenever you feel like it.


Register up to 9 models in one account.

Register as a single Model or with your partner, friend, friends, group.

You are a

Find out what you can do on Skeeping by knowing thousands of Models!


Book your model for a show
You can use the credits for the performances of the Models

_ Send messages to make an appointment
_Play show pvt, group show (skeepingshow) spy in modusH24
_Play the auction game and send commands to your Model
_ Send suggestions, gifts, watch photos and videos.
_Purchase email, mobile phone and other contacts

_Organize + Customize your Socialwall

_Charge your photos / videos



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Become a Manager of your Models

Manage the career of your


Creating an account in the studio is easy!

Click "Create free account".
Choose a username and password and enter a valid email address.

Once you've done the above, send an email to and ask to become a "Master". They will instruct you on how to add artists to your account, view your reports, request payments and answer any other questions you may have.

Become a Webmaster


We pay for your cooperation!


Copy your Reeferal and share it on Skype / Facebook / Email


Invite your friends to click on your Reeferal link to sign up for Skeeping.


Once registered through the Reeferal you see indicated in your Panel


You will see your affiliates in your statistics list.


You will earn 5% on each Model and each User.

Ancora 1

On skeeping you will decide how and when to connect.

You will be free to connect at all hours of the day for as long as you want.

Su skeeping sarai tu a decidere come e quando collegarti.

Sarai libera di collegarti in tutte le ore del giorno per il tempo che vorrai.

Flexible working hours
Ancora 2

Skeeping is a platform created mainly for shows on appointments.
The time card to fill out in your profile allows you to indicate your favorite times to provide your shows of various kinds.
Your fans will only have to send you a message to organize the time / date you will set for your SHOW

Work by appointment
Ancora 3

Skeeping allows you to earn up to 60%


The indicated percentage of 60% is valid for models that will achieve a minimum amount of 15 hours of weekly presence on streaming on

otherwise the minimum percentage will be 50%


Please note the deduction for transfer / transaction costs.


You can request your 1. payment upon reaching 3000 credits = 300 Euros


Value of credits on Skeeping:

10 credits = 1 Euro / 100 credits = 10 Euro / 1000 Credits = 100 Euro
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Skeeping ti permette di guadagnare fino al 70% 

La percentuale indicata del 60% è valida per le modelle che conseguiranno un ammontare minimo di 15 ore di presenza settimanali on streaming su

la percentuale minima sarà altrimenti del 50%


Si prega di tener presente la trattenuta per i costi di bonifico/transazioni.


Potrete richiedere il vostro 1. pagamento al raggiungimento di 3000crediti = 300 Euro

Valore dei crediti su Skeeping:

10 crediti = 1 Euro    /  100 crediti = 10 Euro   / 1000 Crediti = 100 Euro

How much i can earn
Ancora 4

Model Instructions for Skeeping

SkeepingWiki, designed to answer all your questions on


Everything you need to know about using Skeeping

Istruzioni per Modelle/i su Skeeping

 SkeepingWiki, progettato per rispondere a tutte le tue domande su


Tutto quello che c'è da sapere per l'uso di Skeeping

Instruction  for Models
Ancora 5

Instructions for USERS on Skeeping

SkeepingWiki, designed to answer all your questions on


Everything you need to know about using Skeeping

Istruzioni per UTENTI su Skeeping

 SkeepingWiki, progettato per rispondere a tutte le tue domande su


Tutto quello che c'è da sapere per l'uso di Skeeping

Instruction for Users
Ancora 6

A thousand ways to DEDICATE YOUR SHOWS on Skans to your Fans

Choose whether to use the traditional pvt show, skeepingshow (group pvt), whether to play at the finish line by accumulating tips, or simply choose to click on H24Modus and have your fans spy on you while you shower, make up, shop. transmit and choose the type of performance that suits you best.

Mille modi per  DEDICARE I TUOI SHOW  su Skeeping ai tuoi Fans


Scegli se usare il tradizionale pvt show,skeepingshow ( pvt di gruppo) se giocare al traguardo accumulando tips,o scegli semplicemente di cliccare su H24Modus e farti spiare dai tuoi fans mentre fai la doccia, ti trucchi, fai shopping.Scopri tutte le modalità per trasmettere e scegliere il tipo di esibizione che più si adatta a te.

How i can Performances
Ancora 7

Use the BOOKING option!

Skeeping allows you to be contacted by your users by appointment.

Without wasting hours of waiting in streaming, you can select the most suitable times in your profile * Dashboard * under the heading Profile_Calendar. Set your schedules. Create a captivating profile to be noticed and contacted by many Users. Set up a video presentation in your Streaming profile. Remember that to be seen by your Users it is important that you are ONLINE. We recommend entering Online in Streaming by activating the pause button. So your users will see you online, but on break. You will not have to stand in front of your Webcam. Always check your email or messaging to see who made an appointment for you. (leave your streaming in breakmode active) so you will be online, it will be easier to attract visitors.

Let's booking your  Shows
Ancora 8

Get creative by personalizing your MyShop by selling:




Autographed photos or anything else of your imagination


Private Skype (you decide if you want to use Skype for friendships or shows)


Private telephone number (not assigned by Skeeping)





Telegram channel


Suits worn


Used clothing

Or you can give yourself a special idea :)

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Your MyShop
Ancora 9

Using the MYWALL Models and Models



Start posting on your socialwall and create lots of new friends and followers

Upload your texts, images, videos.

Only Friends * Friends * will be allowed to comment on your social wall

Share Post with your friends

Your latest posts will appear below the public In home image.

Utilizzo del MYWALL Modelle e Modelli


  • Inizia a postare sul tuo socialwall e crea tante nuove amicizie e follower

  • Carica i tuoi testi , immagini , video.

  • Saranno autorizzati a commentare sul tuo socialwall solo Friends *Amici*

  • Condividi Post con i tuoi amici

  • I tuoi ultimi post appariranno sotto l'immagine In home pubblica.


Your Wall
Ancora 10
Stay connected and earn more

Are you a model working on APPOINTMENT?

You don't have time to stay connected on webcam streaming for hours, then make your profile appealing to be contacted by your users or by those visiting the skeeping site.

Remember to still access the site to be Online, the system also allows you to click on your Dashboard under the heading START VIDEOCHAT TO TURN ON THE PAUSE BUTTON. In this way users will know that you are still available for show or pvt but will not see you in streaming, unless you accept an invitation by appointment. This way allows you to always be visible in the section who is ONLINE.

You will be able to independently select the option PAUSE, PRIVATE CHAT, 24HMODUS. Accept users who will send you an invitation. Ability in your Webcam settings the sound that notifies you when a User wants a pvt show with you.

Sei una Modella che lavora su  APPUNTAMENTO?


Non hai tempo per restare collegate on streaming in webcam per ore, allora rendi il tuo profilo accattivante per essere contattata dai tuoi utenti o da chi visita il sito skeeping.

Ricordati di accedere comunque al sito per risultare Online,il sistema ti permette anche di cliccare nella tua Dashboard sotto la voce INIZIA VIDEOCHAT PER ACCENDERE IL TASTO PAUSA.In questo modo gli utenti sapranno che sei comunque disponibile per  show o pvt ma non ti vedranno in streaming, a meno che non sia tu ad accettare un invito per appuntamento.Questo modo ti consente di essere sempre visibile nella sezione chi è ONLINE.

Potrai selezionare autonomamente l'opzione PAUSA , CHAT PRIVATA , 24HMODUS .Accetta gli utenti che ti invieranno un invito.Abilità nelle tue impostazioni Webcam il suono che ti notifica quando un Utente desidera un pvt show con te.

Ancora 11
Working with messaging

Messaging on Skeeping

In your Dashboard under the heading MESSAGES you will not only be able to see who sent you a message, but it will be useful to see who has purchased from your MyShop, who writes you to fix an appointment or for other Shows.

In case you have purchased an email, cellular phone, whatsapp contact from your MYSHOP, you will be notified by who was purchased, in this case you reply on the message to the sender providing your number that he has purchased, your email, or any other product you have put up for sale. Work with messaging.

La messaggistica su Skeeping

Necessaria per Visualizzare i tuoi  APPUNTAMENTi & ACQUISTI RICEVUTI

Nel tuo Dashboard sotto la voce MESSAGGI non solo potrai visualizzare chi ti ha inviato un messaggio, ma sarà utile per vedere chi ha acquistato dal tuo MyShop , chi ti scrive per fissare un appuntamento o per altri Shows.

In caso sia stato acquistato un contatto email, cellulare , whatsapp dal tuo MYSHOP, ti verrà notificato da chi è stato acquistato, in questo caso rispondi sulla messaggistica al mittente fornendo il tuo numero che lui ha acquistato, la tua email, o qualsiasi altro prodotto tu abbia messo in vendita. Lavora con la messaggistica.


Ancora 12
Followers & Friends


By accepting Follower you can view the list of your users when they are ONLINE / OFFLINE

You can have immediate accessibility to view their profiles

You will be able to interact on the main messaging

Your followers will be notified by notification when you upload new material to your profile. Photos, videos, MyShop.

Create your own Follower audience and make yourself known to your new admirers

Accepting Friends and in turn sending friends Friends:
You will be able to interact commenting on the socialwalls (MYWALL) of your Users

To remove a Friends or Follower just go to your Friends list to remove the user.


  • Accettando Follower potrete visionare l'elenco dei vostri utenti quando saranno ONLINE/OFFLINE

  • Potrete avere immediata accessibilità per visionare i loro profili

  • Potrete interagire sulla messaggistica principale

  • I vostri Follower saranno avvisati tramite notifica quando caricate nuovo materiale sul vostro profilo. Foto, video, MyShop.

  • Createvi il vostro pubblico di Follower e fatevi conoscere dai vostri nuovi ammiratori


Accettando Friends ed a vostra volta inviando amicizia Friends:

  • Potrete interagire commentando sui socialwall ( MYWALL ) dei vostri Utenti

  • Per rimuovere un Friends o Follower basta andare sulla vostra lista Friends per rimuovere l'utente.

Ancora 13
Refeeral and earn more

Earn money every Day

Enter your Dashboard where you will find your Refeeral, copy it and paste it on your Blog, Skype, email
Send it to your friends and earn on their every purchase / performance. You will grow your income by moving a single finger.


Senza muovere un dito

Entra nel tuo Dashboard ove troverai il tuo Refeeral, copialo ed incollalo sui tuoi Blog, Skype, email

Invialo ad i tuoi amici e guadagna su ogni loro acquisto / performance.Vedrai crescere il tuo guadagno snza muovere un solo dito.

Ancora 14

Upload your photo shoot images.

Set a preview preview image for users who want to buy your SET. Add your images to your fans.

Your fans can see the preview image of your SET

The cost

the number of images

Caricate le vostre immagini  Set fotografico.

Impostate un immagine ( preview ) anteprima visibie per gli utenti che vorranno aquistare il vostro SET.Invogliate i vostri Fans con le vostre immagini.

  • I vostri fans potranno intravedere l'immagine anteprima del vostro SET

  • Il costo

  • il numero di immagini

Sell your Photo Set
Set your Video on Streaming

On skeeping you can directly enter your video presentation during your OFFLINE status.



During your offline status, users will see not only your profile picture, but will see a video presentation in your room.

You can change your video presentations at any time.

Su skeeping puoi inserire direttamente una tua Videopresentazione durante il tuo status OFFLINE.

Durante il tuo status offline gli utenti vedranno non solo la tua immagine profilo,ma vedranno nella tua stanza una tua videopresentazione.

Potrai cambiare le tue videopresentazioni in qualsiasi momento.

Support 24/7
Ancora 15
Ancora 15

Skeeping Support for specific problems

Contact support for any type of Problem you encounter on the website

Contact the support for any type of problem with the site


For immediate support or quick questions find our InstantChat Support directly on

SkeepingSupport per problemi specifici


Contatta il support per qualsiasi tipo di Problema riscontri sul sito di

Contact the support for any type of problem with the site

Per support immediato o domande veloci  trovi la nostra InstantChat Support direttamente su

Ancora 16

Skeeping pays its Performers every 14 days.


On reaching the minimum threshold of 3000 credits = 300 Euro to make the first payment request.

Payments are made on all rechargeable cards that are provided by an iban.

Or through traditional current account.

We strongly recommend that you visit  to open a current account and request a personal rechargeable card.

If you have a leopay account, the requested transfers can be made on the same day.

Skeeping paga i suoi Performer ogni 14 giorni.


Al raggiungimento della soglia minima di 3000 crediti = 300 Euro per effettuare la prima richiesta di pagamento.

I pagamenti vengono effettuati su tutte le carte ricaricabili che sono fornite di un iban.

O tramite conto correnti tradizionali.

Consigliamo vivamente di visitare il sito  per aprire un conto corrente e richiedere la personale carta ricaricabile.

Nel caso si possieda un conto leopay i bonifici richiesti possono essere effettuati in giornata stessa.

Payment every to weeks
Ancora 17


Copy your Reeferal and share it on Skype / Facebook / Email


Invite your friends to click on your Reeferal link to sign up for Skeeping.


Once registered through the Reeferal you see indicated in your Panel


You will see your affiliates in your statistics list.


Copia il tuo Reeferal e condividilo su Skype/ Facebook / Email

Invita i tuoi amici a cliccare sul tuo Reeferal link  per iscriversi su Skeeping.

Una volta Iscritti tramite il Reeferal che vedi indicato nel tuo Pannello 

Vedrai i tuoi affiliati nella tua lista statistiche.

Guadagnerai  il 5% su ogni Modella  ed ogni Utente.


Referral Commission

Guadagnerai il 5% di crediti che i tuoi clienti hanno speso.
Guadagnerai il 5% dei crediti che i tuoi clienti in fila hanno speso.
Guadagnerai 5 crediti per ogni cliente in fila che porti.
Guadagnerai 5% sui crediti che le tue modelle guadagneranno.

Ancora 18

Follow our SKEEPING Blog

The reason for this choice

Segui il nostro SKEEPING Blog


Il perché di questa scelta

Ancora 19
Index for Users and Models

Index for all questions on Skeeping

Users / Models

Index per tutte le domande su Skeeping

Utenti / Modelle

Ancora 20

The "" site is a virtual Booking entertainment portal via videochat / webcam / skypeshow / sexphone and more.

Il sito Skeeping.comè un portale di intrattenimento Booking virtuale tramite videochat / webcam / skypeshow / sexphone ed altro ancora.

What is Skeeping

Skeeping offers you the best protection. The country ban option blocks visitors from your country
and our chargeback protection program keeps your revenue safe.



The 1° Booking Models on appointment LiveCam

LiveStream- Social - Followers and

LiveStream- Social - Followers and

Hot-social man/woman

Follower & Friends

Follower & Friends

Share Friends - Follower and Tweets



Upload videos, comments Youtube,Photos, Gifts Musik and Share with your Friends

Booking Models

Booking Models

Livecam SkypeShow HotPhone



Models Awards EARN MORE

Twitter on Skeeping

Twitter on Skeeping

Connect your account Twitter with your stremaing and share photos

Awards del mese

Awards del mese

Guadagna ulteriori 20 % _10% _5% Vinci il Webcam Award Vinci il Myshop Award



Skeeping Support Center 24/7

Earn money with  Skeeping

Earn money with Skeeping

Earn every minute Money

Free Credits

Free Credits

Invite your Friends on Skeeping and receive Free Credits

Awards  Skeeping

Awards Skeeping

For Users/Member


Skeeping Booking Models 

Skeeping change the concept for the Performances of the Cam Models.

The Models can connect to the site to be Online and result avaiable for the User.

The User can Booking the Sexy Show or other Performances by Appointment.

It does not need that the Model stay connected in Streaming for hour and hours.

Personalize your Profile and offer the Appointment and Shows you wanted

—  Skeeping

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